More than 30 million students participate in the National School Lunch program per day, where they are fed less than one serving of vegetables everyday. The non-profit company Able seeks to change this statistic by providing finances through the purchasing of lunchboxes and lunch containers to schools that partner with them so that children can have healthier food options on their lunch menus. Able needs branding that can show exactly what they stand for while inviting others to get involved and purchase lunchboxes for a greater cause. The logo uses the word “Able” to fit the tagline: “Together we are able” and the icon of a lunchbox to point to the cause: lunches in schools. Other school and food related icons will be used in the belly-band packaging to bring a cheery mood to the topic of child hunger so that it will appeal to both children and adults. The flyer will educate families and schools on how they can get involved with the program while pointing them to the social media and e-commerce/educational website where people can not only purchase lunchboxes for a cause, but also find out more on how they can help lower the startling statistics of healthy lunches in schools for all.

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