Example of User interacting with prototype
This Animation is a use-case scenario demo that shows the context of this app through the character of a middle schooler playing soccer, utilizing the app, and interacting with friends. Animation was used to point out the three focal points of the app: creating a player, the learn mode, and the soccer game itself. The animations engaged the viewer with a realistic approach of how the app can be used. The beginning of the demo introduces both the app and the character of the middle school boy. The second part shows the direct link to the boy and how he can create his own player. The third part shows the three main tasks within the app: create a player, learn, and play the soccer game. The final part is a call to action telling the viewer where they can download the app!
Studies have shown that raising a child to be bilingual grows their brains, boosts empathy, cross-cultural understanding, and so much more. The idea behind the GramatiGOL app is to provide an educational and entertaining resource for both in and out of the classroom to help not only teach Spanish to young students, but to also create cultural awareness. The idea behind the logo was to create an identity for this app similar to soccer clubs that have large fan bases and loyalty to their colors and branding. The app seeks to teach Spanish vocabulary, phrases, and cultural knowledge to middle school aged students through three main tasks: creating a player – or a “jugador”, earning skills through learning games, and playing with other students through trading cards that can be shared with others to create a full team of players. T-shirts are also availabole to boost brand loyalty. Finally, the commercial demonstrates a player within the target audience’s age range using the app in a real-life setting.
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