The company Dockmate needs branding and an app prototype to let the dream of a one-stop shop for boaters everywhere come to life. From tides and weather, to events happening in the water nearby, this app will not only give peace of mind on the water with its safety features, but will also keep the user in the know with routes, depth finders, gas station locators, and weather features. The branding inspiration came from the traditional main sail and jib sail on a sailboat – where all boating began. This icon is identifiable on all scales and its sleek appeal looks excellent on all apparel. The colors were chosen to be easily identifiable but different than other apps on the market related to the waters by incorporating yellow and red for safety and weather features. The design sought to be minimalistic and modern: appealing to the target audience of boaters who might be out in the sun when they are using the app or quickly glancing at it while they navigate the waters. The company called for various products to help advertise for this app including t-shirts, koozies, and keychains that float to emphasis the focus on safety that Dockmate desires.

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