The Design Rationale for the La Croix Campaign began with the target audience. Continuing to reach a group of 21-40 year olds that are hard-working, health conscious, and like to vacation. The idea that there is a large population of the working world that saves money so that they can vacation while working hard and staying active and health conscious in the decisions that they make daily is one that greatly influenced this campaign. La Croix is a company that has always sought to produce a sparkling water that has zero calories, sodium, sugar, and plenty of taste to be refreshing to those that enjoy the drink. 

The Campaign’s tagline is “Taste the Tropics without the guilt” so that the hard-working, La Croix drinking community would understand that wherever they are, whether it is hard at work at a 9-5 job at the office or at the beach, they can taste the tropics and not feel guilty about drinking excessive calories or sugars in the meantime. 

The three campaigns have the same tagline but three different La Croix flavors so as to educate those that might not know all of the flavors of the La Croix on the many options they have to chose from. 

The idea behind the La Croix Locator App is to continue the accesibility of “tasting the tropics” wherever they go. Through this app, they can find a retailer near them that sells their favorite La Croix flavor. 

The Facebook and Instagram giveaways were designed to increase the social media presence of La Croix. The hashtag #LiveLaCroix will be used to raise a “La Croix” lifestyle of escaping to a tropical paradise wherever one might be. The winner will receive a year supply of La Croix so that they can taste the tropics without the guilt wherever they want and whenever they want.

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